Monday, February 1, 2010

after a WHILE~~~

Hello peeps..

After a while, i have decided to start writing again..its not that i have got so much time to spare but its juz for the fun of it...:) where do i begin?? i never thought that it'll be this hard to write again...*sigh* i have lost my touch, i guess~!!

so this is the 2nd month of the new year and the 8th month (lucky month huh??hopefully~!!) im in this new firm. Joined this legal firm in July 2009 and am sooooo glad i made the right decision. Well, speaking of which, this leads me to post a question of whether, one should choose the salary or the working environment?????

Well, i have experienced getting good environment but in terms of the pay?? nahhh...nothing to be proud of...and i have been through an environment of hell but the pays are definitely this is the third place im in..whereby i get to get both.....:) Not to say that im getting such a high salary that i can be proud of...but to say it in malay.. "BOLEHLAH"...can feed myself and at the same time can put a lil aside for savings purposes...

Since i have experienced definitely going for the environment me its the most important thing..i need to wake up and smile and feel happy to go to work...of coz there r times, i'll be very very very, extremely lazy, but its not as bad as feeling that work is actually a burden and that u just hate ur employer, ur place of work and everything bout work...i have felt that before...there were times that i dun even wanna look at the building i worked in...becoz of the psychopathetic bosses...

But, now, things have content with what i have, content with where i am...and content with everything...i guess...the last employment was really hell and horriffic!!!huhuh...cant event make myself forget that stupid treatment i received from 'gigi' and 'ketik'..huhuhuh..

After the hell experience, im definitely making decisions base on the working environment rather than the salary im getting...of coz i wanna have both..but there's this sayings that sounded like this :"you just cannot have the best of both worlds" here i am feeling content with what i have and experiencing...Alhamdulillah...

ala...lagipun, its part and parcel of growing up right~~~

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