Monday, February 22, 2010

BacK to NATURE~!!

hey there~!!

Well...this entry will be about how i spent my long weekends...
here it goes..

during the cny holidays..i went to Perak....

So the whole family went..stayed at a place called Teratak Afrina...which is situated in a very very rural area....its a yeah its nice.....its a totally different experience...its not a hotel...its just a place where there is this 2 little
house consisting of 2 queen beds..with a connecting door which connects one room to the other...fuhh..long description huh?!?

what else can i say other than its a totally different experience for me...staying at a homestay in Batu Kurau, Perak...took a stroll to see the monkeys and the goats at the side of the road...get to eat at a place called doli (famous for the fried kuay teow)..nyum nyum....the best part....i managed to get myself "berendam" in the river which has this icy cold water and of course finally get to berendam in the hotsprings in Sungkhai......

the fact that one can actually adjust the temperature of the water (the water is definitely from the natural source) really amaze not sure of the public pool for the hotsprings but the one that me n my family mandi manda surely has that in sungkhai u may choose to either swim at the public hotspring pools or u may also book a temporary private pool called private spa village where they provide u with a private room with a private pool..the price rm 25 per hour....nice huh??

The purpose of this trip is definitely to try our luck in our efforts to improve my father's condition...we heard the hot springs' mineral may help to strengthen the muscles and is definitely good for curing and healing lets hope that his legs muscles are stronger now after the "rendaming" (am definitely having difficult time finding the words rendam!!! urgh)

Dun really get to take alot of pics as im bz enjoying my time rendaming myself..but surely will upload some pics are few pics from perak...

Definitely this is a totally different experience...guess, i can say that its part and parcel of my growing up...sometimes..u just need to go back to nature...rite??

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